Distantly Connected: Lessons for the Deployed Church

We all experience seasons in our life, whether intentional or unexpected, when we are distant from fellow believers. The challenge of staying connected while being away from other believers can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Over the course of six weeks, we will look at the third letter of John and learn what it takes to become distantly connected.
Week 1: We are More than Pew Pals (v. 1) 
Week 2: Become Socially Distant Prayer Partners (v. 2-4)
Week 3: Encouragement Removes the Isolation (v. 5-8)
Week 4: Pride Prohibits Fellowship (v 9-10)
Week 5: True Accountability Knows No Boundaries (v. 11-12)
Week 6: No Matter What, It’s Still Personal (v. 13-14)
No Week 6 Study Guide
18 to 100
Community Type
Everyone Welcome
Children Welcome
Tuesdays at 7pm
April 14 – May 19, 2020
Eric Dupree
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